Maura’s Biography
My first exposure to sewing was when my mother purchased a new sewing machine and had forbidden me and my siblings to use it. There I was playing with it anyway and ended up breaking it. To this day, I don’t even remember what the punishment was for having broken the machine! Then during the early part of my life, I took every opportunity to design clothes to attend any special occasion or family gatherings. As this was early on in my sewing career, these experiences were possible with the guidance of my older sister Rosa, who has a degree in design and pattern making. After receiving my Bachelors degree in Business Administration, I went into business with my other sister Sofia and brother Fortu opening “Sewing Creations for You” in my home country in Peru. I was in charge of the financial part of the business, time being a sales representative, seamstress and model.  Two years later, the business was running smoothly however I decided to move to The United States.  Once I was in the United States, I worked for Helga’s Tailoring and after two years working with Helga, she told me that she wanted to teach more than just alterations. “I don’t teach everybody but I would like to teach you.” I worked at Custodias during the weekend and learned about excellent customer service and gained more experience as a seamstress. They specialized in designing wedding gowns, evening gowns, and casual attire. I then worked for Prestige Cleaners as a seamstress. When I was hired, I asked the owner, Robert Thornton, for a higher salary and he told me “well at this time, it is not possible but maybe later on.” Well two hours later that same day, Robert agreed to pay me more after realizing my extensive knowledge and experience. Then on February 15, 1991, I decided to open Sewing Creations by Maura with the economical support of one of my sisters and have been serving the Tallahassee community ever since!